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About Evie

Evie set out on her college career right out of high school and attended a local community college for the first semester.  Very quickly, she realized she wanted to attend a full four year college and transferred her second semester to North Georgia College.  Evie was a Criminal Justice Major and a Sigma Phi Epsilon little sister.  She began using her degree and love of speaking right away doing keynote presentation on Street Smart Crime Wise with real estate professionals and has evolved now to Cyber Smart presentations with Social Media “Tattoo”.

Evie has three children currently enrolled in college and keeps abreast of the choices her kids and their friends make as it relates to social media use both mistakes and promotion.

Evie has been speaking for over 20 years across the US and domestically on issues of personal development, real estate investing, leadership and social media pros and cons.  She is the founder of Evie Speaks and works to help prepare students for the future that lies ahead.  Evie has spoken on behalf of Robert Kiyosaki with the Rich Dad Poor Dad Real Estate Education system throughout the last decade.  She has had audiences both domestically and internationally.

Evie is very dedicated to challenge students from all walks of life to take their actions on-line very seriously and be educated on the power of social media sites both positive and negative.  Taking on a leadership role or putting this topic in the forefront of issues to be addressed by existing leaders is paramount in the futures of students.  Bring Evie to your next leadership event for a humorous,  fun and interactive presentation.

For more information on having Evie speak at your event please contact or at 678-873-3972.

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