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Managing Your Online Reputation
and Prevent being “TATTOOED” for Life!

In today’s CyberWorld, you MUST manage your on-line reputation and image! College admissions, leaders of most types of organizations, current and prospective employers, membership organization and even non-profit organizations for volunteer positions will review your on-line information utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many of the other sites. When you know the do’s and don’ts of how to manage your on-line reputation and image you will have the power of the world wide web working for you versus against you and this could be as important to you as understanding how to breathe. One wrong decision leading to “One Quick Click” by you or a bystander could potentially cause you more harm than you can possibly imagine.

There are “Boundaries” that absolutely must be utilized in managing your on-line reputation and image to promote you throughout life starting as a young child and all the way through life. Times have changed, we are in a very small world and one wrong choice, one wrong click can have a lasting impact on your life.

Evie will break down the boundaries of Social Media and the do’s and don’ts for you and in this interactive, fun and educational presentation enlightening you on viewing Social Media in a totally different light. It can build you, brand you and promote you or it can totally create havoc on your life and future. Now is the time to take the responsibility and even provide leadership for those in your peer groups, clubs, organizations, office or firm to help bring the awareness of the pros and cons of the Social Media World we now live in.

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